J & S Specials

Dinner for Two

Choice of 1 Appetizer or 2 Salads

Fried Mushrooms, Zucchini Sticks, Mozzarella Sticks, Fried Ravioli

Salads: Caesar, House or Greek

Choice of 2 Entrees:

Lasagna, Baked Ziti, Penne alla Vodka, Fettucine Alfredo or Spaghetti w/Meatballs

Choice of 2 Desserts

Tirimisu, New York Cheesecake, Cannoli, Italian Rainbow Cake or Nutella Cheesecake


Weekly Specials

Two Large Pies & Wings

2 Large Pizzas with one Topping on each & 10 Wings $40.95

XL one Top/ App/2 Liter

XL one topping, Choice of one Appetizer (Mozz Sticks, Fried Mushrooms, Zuccini Sticks, Fried Ravioli or 6 Garlic Knots) and a 2 Liter Drink $25.95

2 Med pies w/One Top/Garlic Knots/2 Liter

Two Medium Pizzas with one topping on each, 12 Garlic knots and a 2 Liter Drink $36.95

XL / One Top, 25 Wing/ 2 Liter

One XL Pizza with one topping, 25 Traditional Wings and a 2 Liter Soda $43.95

Kids Night!

Kids Night 4 pm to 8 pm - Any choice on Kids Menu Eat for only $3.95
with the purchase of an adult meal

Lunch Specials - Monday-Friday

11am-2pm, M-F
2 Cheese Slice & Drink Special

2 Slices of Cheese Pizza & a Drink 6.50

11am-2pm, M-F
Two 1-Topping Slices & Drink Special

2 Slices of Pizza with 1 Topping & a Drink  7.50

11am-2pm, M-F
Cheese Slice, Salad and Drink Special

Slice of Cheese Pizza, Small Salad & Drink  8.00

11am-2pm, M-F
2 Cheese Slices & Beer Special

2 Slices of Cheese Pizza & a glass of Bud Light or Yuengling 7.50

11am-2pm, M-F
Italian Combo

Italian Combo, Fries & a Drink 11.95

11am-2pm, M-F
Steak & Cheese Sub Meal Special

Steak & Cheese Sub with choice of Fries, J & S Chips or Onion Rings & a Drink 11.50

11am-2pm, M-F
Steak Special Sub & Drink Special

Steak Special Sub with a Drink 12.50
Onions, Green Peppers, Mushrooms & Cheese,
Choice of Fries, J & S Chips or Onion Rings.

11am-2pm, M-F
Spaghetti Special

Spaghetti & 1 Meatball with Bread & Butter & 1 Drink 10.25